What Our Customers Say

"They were fantastic! Will order next year for sure! Thanks."
Vladimir, Michigan

"We're looking forward to receiving the chestnuts.  My son and his family are here visiting from the UK, and his wife who is from Portugal LOVES chestnuts.  I ordered your chestnuts once before for them, and she think that yours are the best."
Mary, Minnesota

"Just wanted to follow up and thank you for the great customer service you have provided me with. My friend in AZ got the chestnuts yesterday and I am flying there tomorrow for the weekend. Perfect timing! Thanks again."
Fanny, Arizona

"We got the package couple days ago and they are great! We already have shared and recommended to our friends and family. Definitely will come back for second order soon~ Thank you!"
Ha Ji, Georgia

"It's great that chestnuts can be used in sweet or savory recipes. Our chestnut bread may sound a lil weird but it's delicious & the festival only happens once a year so it's a very popular item. We can't hardly keep up at times! My whole family pitches in to help & we use the money we've earned thru festival week to get us thru the winter months so it's very important for us. We use to pay a lot of money for chestnuts & most of them would be rotten & worm filled so you have no idea how grateful I am to have found your company. We are able to use each of your chestnuts & that means a lot. So thank you & Mr. Charlie for your hard work & wonderful product. It means a lot to a lot of people here in Cherokee, NC!"
Imelda, North Carolina

"Let me say that, after trying many other chestnuts from different farms, your chestnuts are by far THE BEST chestnuts!"
Ibrahim, New Haven, Connecticut

"The very BEST, DELICIOUS chestnuts we ever ate!!! Thank y’all!!!"
John R, Florida

"My family and I enjoyed your chestnuts so much last year that we found at a local grocery store. I grew up harvesting, cooking (baking), and eating chestnuts, so I searched the web and got to this site. If we could sign up to help harvesting chestnuts this fall, it will be a wonderful experience."
Kae, Overland Park, Kansas

"Want to thank you for being there and making a huge effort to do something so positive for people, the planet and the species as a whole. That and they are the best-tasting chestnuts I have had to date. Enjoy the brief respite before next season. Thanks Again."
Butch, NY 

"I received the nuts today. They are beautiful. I grew up in Korea on my father’s land had chestnut trees. That’s what these taste like. Thank you. I’ll be a regular seasonal nut buyer from now on."
Geneva, NY

"Timely arrival and are delicious!!! Always a pleasure......I may just have to visit the farm someday, maybe even come out and help pick. Peace and light, dear friend."
Natalia, Connecticut

"Thanks again for the wonderful chestnuts. They were delicious. I have sent your website to a few other Croatian and Bosnia families from Florida, Indiana and Minnesota to get a hold of you for a possible shipment :)  I told them how each nut is truly good. I haven't had a bad one yet :) amazing!! "
Mya, Kansas City

"I absolutely adore your chestnuts and once I started using them I couldn't imagine going back to the old, stale, wormy supermarket variety. I actually send photos of your chestnuts to my relatives--they're so terrific (the chestnuts, I mean, well, relatives too). Thanks so much."
Sunyana, Vermont

"With the "chestnut season" now over - and as soon as I've gone through this order of chestnuts - my year of painful yearning for chestnuts will start. Hopefully, a year from now, you and other chestnut vendors will rescue me (Ha!). Again, thanks!"
Steve, Montgomery, Texas