Chestnut Harvest Help

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If you can pick coins from the ground, you can harvest chestnuts!Harvest Chestnut Help Wanted Chestnut Charlie's

Chestnuts are ready to harvest from mid-September through to mid-October. We gather the chestnuts from the ground each day, fresh as they fall, seven days a week from about 9 am until sunset. Harvesters are paid by-the-pound; rates increase the more a harvester picks. Flexible schedules.

At the beginning of the season, when nuts begin to fall, we will schedule a short orientation for new helpers for introductions, training, and questions. All workers will need their SS# and must complete a W-4 and an I-9.

Families and fundraising groups are welcome and can harvest as teams--children under 12 should have adult supervision present. We are a natural, organic farm and do not use herbicides or pesticides but insect pests, allergens, thorns, wild plants, etc., could be encountered. Harvesters are not supervised in the field and need to be responsible for themselves.

We also need help with washing, inspecting, bagging and packing the nuts, which often continues into the evening. Because some machinery is involved, line workers must be at least 16. Wages in the shed are by-the-hour.

For further information, email:,     or call us at home,      785-841-8505.

Please give us your contact information using the box below. We will contact you via email as harvest comes near in late August. Please also provide a reliable phone number.