Shipping & Returns

Shipping Information

We generally use UPS as we have found that service to be reliable.  Let us know if you prefer another shipper.  We ship early in the week to ensure your chestnuts arrive before sitting at a warehouse over a weekend. Although shippers are usually reliable and prompt, shippers do not guarantee a delivery date.  Please have a backup plan to pick up the package if you are going out of town!  

Remove the chestnuts from the box and refrigerate promptly upon receipt.

We cannot ship to California, Washington or Oregon!

Due to plant quarantine regulations, we cannot ship fresh chestnuts to California, Washington or Oregon.  Residents of the west coast states may find local suppliers through the “Find a Grower” tab

We also do not ship internationally.

Returns and Refunds

If you are not satisfied with your order, please contact us (email: within 2 days of receipt.  Return the chestnuts to us for evaluation to Chestnut Charlie's, P.O. Box 1166, Lawrence, Kansas 66044.  (We cannot provide return postage).  Upon return, we will refund the cost of the chestnuts.

Note: Always open your chestnut box and refrigerate the chestnuts promptly on arrival.  Organic chestnuts are not treated with any persistent preservative or other chemical.  It is natural for some mold to grow on the inedible shell--this seldom affects the edible part of the nut and not considered a defect.  You may wash chestnuts, including in a light vinegar solution, to suppress shell mold, dry, then refrigerate again in perforated or paper bags.

Wholesale Orders

If you are a bulk chestnut buyer such as a grocer, natural food store or co-op, please contact us directly via email with your expected requirements.  Together we will determine the optimal delivery dates, quantities and shipping options.